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Ammo Inc Makes Ammo Offer To Ukraine

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The conflict in Ukraine is stressing the ability of the Ukrainian government to provide enough logistical support to both their forces in the field and the armed citizenry who are defending their native country. The President of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, recently stated that he didn’t need a ride out of his country to a safer location, he needed more ammunition for the fight.

Ammo Inc. has heard that call. They are known for producing high-performance ammunition and components and is the operator of the well-known firearms marketplace GunBroker.com. They have heard the calls from Ukraine’s President Zelensky’s for more ammunition and are ready, willing and able to help. Ammo Inc. is offering to donate 1 million rounds of ammunition to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in support of their fight for independence and freedom.

Fred Wagenhals, CEO of Ammo Inc., said “Ammo Inc., and we as Americans stand firmly in support of Ukraine’s sovereignty and independence, as we stand for freedom and democracy everywhere. While we fervently hope for a quick and peaceful resolution to the crisis and that diplomacy will win the day, we condemn the Russian aggression and its threat to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and freedom. We recognize that events are unfolding rapidly on the ground in Ukraine, and we are prepared to move quickly as possible to support Ukraine as it continues to defend itself and its freedom.”

Ammo, Inc. is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and designs and manufactures products for a variety of applications, including law enforcement, military, sport shooting and self-defense. Founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the munitions industry, Ammo Inc promotes branded munitions as well as its patented STREAK Visual Ammunition, /stelTH/ subsonic munitions, and armor piercing rounds for military use. For more information on their products, please visit: ammo-inc.com.


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