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Apparently, This Muslim Didn’t Learn Gun Safety – And It Cost a Child His Life

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Islamists are not the sharpest
knives in the drawer. If you have seen any of the footage of them handling weapons, and I’m not talking about against unarmed, handcuffed victims, then you are aware of what these people often do. A recent video uploaded to YouTube will demonstrate what I’m talking about.

The video was uploaded without comment on August 20, 2015.

Andrew Spalding comments:

The video starts with him attempting to fire shots into the air, but his forth try was unsuccessful as the gun appeared to be unloaded. After fidgeting with it, he managed to get it to fire, and unloaded several rounds into the air as he stood within a crowded group of people.

He should have quit while he was ahead, because as soon as he brought the gun down and appeared to be trying to disengage the hammer, the unthinkable happened – the gun fired a round directly sideways. Worse yet is who the round reportedly hit – a 5-year-old boy who was celebrating with everyone. The man also allegedly injured another person who was near the boy as well.

The man appeared completely unfazed by the gun going off, and continued to fidget with what appears to be a .45 caliber pistol as the crowd panics from what just happened. According to reports, the young boy died from his injuries after the round struck him dead-center in the torso.

This kind of practice is not so common among the rednecks where I live. Yes, I can say redneck, “cause I is one.” However, in the Middle East, this is quite common.

In celebration of victory or weddings, often Muslims discharge firearms recklessly. Who knows the untold multitudes that have been killed or maimed from these guys indiscriminately firing into the air.

Here’s another example from a wedding party in Saudi Arabia. These knuckleheads are so rich, but incredibly stupid.

But notice in the red area the little boy that seems to get hit by the bullet that was released and as Spalding points out, the child was killed.

First tip in gun safety, don’t put your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to fire.

Second, when you are ready to fire, make sure you know what your target is.

Third, if all you are going to do is shoot the gun, like the morons in these video clips, fire your weapon against a backdrop, preferably dirt, so that the bullet stops there and doesn’t travel any further. Otherwise, make sure you know the down range is clear because you are responsible for where that bullet goes.

By the way, it is these kinds of people that Barack Obama and his administration want to befriend. However, it is those of us who have knowledge of how to properly handle a firearm that he wants to disarm. Any questions about Obama’s mental health or political ideology here?

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