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Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistol — The New Kid on the Block

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Article first appeared at Cheaper than Dirt.

Just the name, Arex Rex, conjures images of something prehistoric and capable of stomping you between its toes just to be more merciful than swallowing you whole. However, the new Arex Rex Zero 1 is anything but prehistoric. That being said, if it looks a bit familiar to you, you are not alone.

Place the Rex Zero 1 next to a SIG P Series such as the P226, and there is more than just a similarity. However, once you get into the details, that’s where the comparison ends. Well, maybe. While similar, up close the dimensions are certainly different. The same is true when you compare a list of features.

The Arex Rex Zero is offered in three sizes and four calibers. The Rex Zero 1 Standard is a duty-size gun featuring a 4¼-inch barrel. Chambered in 9mm, the Standard model is fed by a generous 17-round magazine for a total weight of 28 ounces.

Like the SIG P226, the Arex Rex Zero comes standard with a decocker. However, unlike the SIG, the Arex’s decocker serves double duty. When depressed, it safely lowers the hammer. When pressed upward, it serves as the slide stop.

To the rear of the decocker is an ambidextrous safety. The Arex can easily and safely be carried cocked and locked or DA/SA, depending on the user’s preference. Fieldstripping is also easy. Simply lock the slide back with the slide stop, rotate the disassembly downward, and slowly disengage the slide stop while controlling the slide as it goes forward. From there, the spring and barrel easily slip free.


Thus far, the Arex has not proven to be that different from many models, but it has incorporated many of the most sought-after features. The frame is machined from hard-anodized aluminum using solid bar stock and a steel locking block insert—it just doesn’t get stronger than that. The slide is machined from nitrocarburized steel, which is touted as having a greater resistance to corrosion.

The barrel is cold-hammer forged and nitrocarburized from—you guessed it—solid bar stock. Test models were made available with threaded barrels at the SHOT Show earlier this year. However, there are no details as to their price or availability at this time.


The Arex Rex comes with a standard steel 3-dot sight, which is a plus. The rear sight is substantial enough that you should be able to use it as a battle sight and manipulate the slide using one hand and a belt, pocket, vest, etc. Sights are personal and not one size fits all, but these worked great for me. However, if your preferences differ, word has it that SIG sights as well as any aftermarket sight for the SIG will fit.

The Arex Rex Zero 1 has an ample-size rail machined on the front to hang your favorite laser or light. It also comes with two magazines, a small cleaning kit and a hard plastic case.

As previously mentioned, the Arex Rex Zero comes in multiple sizes. It is (or will soon be) (which is it?__KD) available in multiple colors as well. In addition to the Standard, the Arex offers a Combat and Complex model.

Arex Rex Zero 1 Combat

The Arex Zero 1 Combat tapes out a bit shorter than the Standard and is slightly shorter with a 3.85-inch barrel. It also weighs a bit less at 27½ ounces. Despite these differences, the grip and magazine capacity are the same.

Arex Rex Zero 1 Compact

The Compact keeps the same 3.85-inch barrel as the Combat but features a shorter grip that accounts for the loss of two rounds. However, 15 rounds from a Compact model is still a helluva payload. At 5.3 inches, the Compact is about .4 inch shorter than its two big brothers and tips the scales at 25 ounces unloaded.

The Arex Rex will be offered in three frame colors—flat dark earth, foliage green and graphite black. However, the early guns will all be black.

Available Calibers

The Rex in 9×19 will most likely top the charts, but it will also be available in 9×21, .40 S&W, and .32 ACP.

The Arex Rex is made in Slovenia, which will be a turn-off for some and a concern for others. You can rest easy knowing Arex is not a newcomer; it has been around for decades as a tool manufacturer. It is now expanding it offerings to include its first foray into the firearms market with a solid contender.

Arex pistols are being imported by the FIME Group in Nevada. It will also provide full warranty support, so should any troubles arise, you will have a local source for repairs. The Rex comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Additional Features

  • Forward cocking serrations
  • Loaded-chamber indicator
  • Full-length slide rails
  • Picatinny dustcover
  • Large triggerguard for use with gloves

Approved for all commercial SAAMI specification +P ammunition


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