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Arizona Congressman Sets Sights on Removal of Gun Suppressors from National Firearms Act

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Sometimes, I honestly wonder why there isn’t someone that just stands up and says, “Look, the States gave the US government absolutely no authority to write any law to restrict or regulate arms of any kind in any way.” However, no one is doing that. Yet, an Arizona congressman is taking a step forward to at least remove suppressors for guns from the National Firearms Act (NFA).

Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) has introduced the Hearing Protection Act (HPA). He is doing this alongside the American Suppressor Association (ASA). The bill intends to remove gun suppressors from the NFA. This would eliminate not only the complicated process involved in going through the lengthy Form 4 process to acquire a suppressor which could take months, but also that $200 tax that is placed on top of the already expensive item.

“The American Suppressor Association believes that citizens should not have to pay a tax to protect their hearing while exercising their Second Amendment rights,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the ASA. “The removal of suppressors from the National Firearms Act has been our ultimate goal since day one. For months, we have worked alongside Rep. Salmon’s office and the National Rifle Association to craft this legislation. Although we recognize that introducing this bill is the first step in what will be a lengthy process to change federal law, we look forward to working with Rep. Salmon and the NRA to advance and ultimately enact this common-sense legislation.”

Again, I need to point out that the federal law aimed at gun suppressors is clearly in violation of the US Constitution.

The ASA reminds Americans, “Unfortunately, suppressors have been federally regulated since the passage of the National Firearms Act of 1934. The NFA regulates the transfer and possession of certain types of firearms and devices, including suppressors. Currently, prospective buyers must send in a Form 4 application to the ATF, pay a $200 transfer tax per suppressor, undergo the same background check that is required to purchase a machine gun, and wait months for the ATF to process and approve the paperwork. In stark contrast, many countries in Europe place no regulations on their purchase, possession, or use.”

In fact, the NFA of 1934 is patterned after Nazi Germany’s own gun laws, as explained in Stephen Halbrook’s book, Gun Control in the Third Reich. It was Senator Thomas J. Dodd who put forth the bill to mimic Nazi gun laws. It’s also interesting that the NRA has helped craft this new legislation since they openly supported the NFA, but it wasn’t the only time that the NRA has sold out American’s rights to big government.

According to American Rifleman (March 1969, pg. 22), “The NRA supported The National Firearms Act of 1934 which taxes and requires registration of such firearms as machine guns, sawed-off rifles and sawed-off shotguns. … NRA support of Federal gun legislation did not stop with the earlier Dodd bills. It currently backs several Senate and House bills which, through amendment, would put new teeth into the National and Federal Firearms Acts.”

“The NRA supported The Federal Firearms Act of 1938, which regulates interstate and foreign commerce in firearms and pistol or revolver ammunition … ” 

Perhaps, the NRA is trying to rewrite their wrongs, I don’t know. However, it still has a fatal flaw and that is that the suppressors are considered as firearms and only allow their transfer through a federal firearms license holders with an FBI instant background check.

ASA isn’t expecting an easy win of the HPA.

“While we don’t expect the HPA to pass overnight, we are confident that our continued educational and outreach initiatives will ultimately lead to the passage of this critical legislation,” he said. “Its enactment will result in safer and more enjoyable shooting and hunting experiences for generations of sportsmen and women to come.”

“We spent months working with attorneys from the NRA and Rep. Salmon’s office to make sure our language achieved these goals, and the result is a concise, common-sense bill that we’re all very proud to support,” Michael Williams, General Counsel of the ASA, told Guns.com.

If passed, all NFA taxes paid on suppressors after October 22 would be refunded.

Guns.com reported in July that suppressors, or silencers as they are often referred to are on the rise in sales in the US. “Data released by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this week show a huge jump in National Firearms Act items to include a 39 percent rise in the number of silencers and a 32 percent bump in short barreled rifles registered.”

While I’m glad the tax will be removed, there really does need to be a fight to eliminate all gun laws. America’s first gun laws didn’t come on the scene until 1927. The only reason they exist is because violent criminals have not been given justice. If they were given justice, then there would be no reason for background checks or any of the unconstitutional legislation that has been put in place regarding arms.


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