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California University Stabbing Should Demonstrate Need for Second Amendment

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It is strange how people repeatedly miss the truth. Just as life proves over and over that God’s Word is not wrong, we see that the people who have murder in their heart care little for what instrument they use to commit murder. If you are planning to kill people, you do not break off plans because you cannot get a gun. And, so it is again in California.

Fox reports

A suspect stabbed four people on a university campus in central California Wednesday morning before police shot and killed him, authorities said Wednesday.
Two of the victims attacked at the University of California, Merced, were taken by helicopter to hospitals for treatment, spokeswoman Lorena Anderson said. The two other victims were treated locally, she said.

It is not sure who the assailant was, or what their motives were. So, I do not wish to speak as though I know why they did what they did. I do not what to sound as though I know for sure that the person tried and failed to obtain a firearm. But, it is clear that this person intended to hurt someone.
When you have this much determination to do harm, then you make do with what is available. Cain, as many have pointed out, had no gun.

Gen. 4:8

Cain told Abel his brother. And it came about when they were in the field, that Cain rose up against Abel his brother and killed him.

Now, what we have to point out to those who are anti-gun is that murder is not new, and the gun has nothing to do with the wickedness of humans. People have been killing each other literally since time began. The stubborn belief that guns cause violence is about as stupid as the old Soviet belief that there was no murder in their country.

Fox continued

Campus officials said the victims were two students, a staff member, and a vendor. They added that the assailant was a student but had not confirmed his identity or provided a motive for the attack.

Officials added that they were still working out a timeline of events leading up to the stabbings, and it wasn’t clear how the attack played out.

The only thing that is clear is that this person, for whatever reason, wished to hurt others. The criminal wanted to cause bodily harm, if not death. We are not sure if it was a lovers’ spat or an argument over money. We do not know if it was an issue of bullying gone too far or if the person just felt ignored. And ultimately it does not matter. What matters is that this person was going to hurt people.

KCRA.com reports

The stabbing happened during an 8 a.m. class in the Classroom and Office Building. Warnke said the suspect attacked another student with a fixed-blade knife. It is unknown why the suspect attacked the other student.

The noise from the attack drew Byron Price to the classroom. Warnke said because the contract employee walked into the class during the attack, he helped save the student’s life.

The suspect stabbed Byron Price, ran from the classroom on the second floor and down the stairs. He then encountered another student, stabbed the person and ran out of the building.

Warnke said the suspect ran across the street and came upon a faculty member. The suspect stabbed her in the back and front then continued to run.

And here is what we learn. Though the carnage might have been higher with a gun, this is the same kind of senseless attack as any “mass shooting.” So, why has Obama and other spotlight hounds not come on TV and demand the ban of some knives and the tighter restrictions on others?

Because, just like you and I, they know that would be silly.

*Article by Michael Ware


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