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Obama: Going After Guns is “One Thing” I Still Want to Do

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Barack Hussein Obama has been relentless since he has been in office about trying to push more gun control laws, which are attacks on the Second Amendment. After every mass shooting that has occurred in America, he has come out to advance what is ultimately a gun confiscation agenda. It happened in October after the Umpqua Community College Shooting, which occurred in a gun free zone (where 92% of mass shootings occur). Now, Obama is cited in a Democrat Party email that went out over the weekend as saying that the one thing he has been unable to attack successfully has been the Second Amendment, but it’s “one thing” he still wants to do.

While I grant he doesn’t use the words “going after guns” or “attack the Second Amendment,” his actions are exactly that, since Congress has not been given authority to legislate on arms. Also, since Congress is the only body given legislative power, that means the federal courts don’t have that authority and neither does the Executive Branch.

“We have not gone more than eight days without a mass shooting in this country this year,” Obama begins in the email. “That means that each week, more families are grieving, more communities are being pieced back together. As a nation, we’re holding everyone affected by these heartbreaking events in our prayers.”

First, thing we need to ask is for Obama to provide us the statistics to make his point. The second thing that needs to be examined is whether or not those shootings occurred in gun free zones or in areas with strict gun control laws.

Obama claims that there have been more than 300 mass shootings in the united States in 2015 which killed 400 and injured 1,000. Personally, I think lying Debbie Wasserman Schultz probably penned that. We corrected the record when she first put that lie out back in October. The number isn’t anywhere near what Obama is citing.

Third, and I’m not attempting to demean those who lose their lives to criminals who engage in murder, but the utter hypocrisy of raving about guns and mass shootings that take the lives of literally a couple dozen people each year while Obama and friends must stand in support of the genocide by Planned Parenthood of the unborn that murders over 300,000Americans every year! But the Obama administration always has liars and propagandists to support their gun grabbing agenda.

Then making reference to GOP candidate Jeb Bush‘s comments following the Oregon shooting, Obama said, “We can’t sweep this problem under the rug, or allow ourselves to become numb to it, or accept that there’s nothing we can do because ‘stuff happens.'”

“Let me be clear about this: Unless we do something – change our politics and change our laws – these painful tragedies will continue,” Obama said, telling you exactly what he’s going after. He wants to overturn the Constitution and the Republic by acting as though he’s following the Constitution and establishing the Republic.

“I cannot change this by myself. I need members of Congress, state legislatures, and governors who will work with me,” he added. “And I need people like you to stand up and say that enough is enough.”

Well, thank God, he’s admitting he can’t do it by himself! However, we have seen our representatives at both the state and federal level who have sold us out on all kinds of issues. Not surprisingly, even the new Speaker of the House Paul Ryan sold the American people out with his first words as Speaker, providing a preemptive surrender to anything and everything Barack Hussein Obama wants. Ryan will be just as disastrous as Speaker for pro-gun Americans as Obama.

While Obama claimed victory on unconstitutional measures such as Obamacare, climate change and redefining marriage to include sodomites, this is still something he hasn’t been able to advance.

“But this is one thing we haven’t been able to do,” he said. “We have not reformed our gun laws to help reduce the unnecessary deaths we see in this country every single day.”

Obama then concluded that it wasn’t too late in his term to advance this gun grabbing agenda “by making sure we urge future leaders to act where we have been stalled.” 

Well, America, we stopped him before and forced him to pitch a temper tantrum on national television. I’d love to see us do it again, only this time followed with handcuffs, a trial and swift justice.


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