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Cam’s Corner | Hillary’s Town Hall Hogwash

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Article first appeared at Americas1stFreedom.

CNN held another so-called town hall meeting the other night, this one featuring the Democratic candidates for president. Hillary Clinton once again got a chance to tout her gun-control agenda when she was asked what she would do about gang-related violent crime. According to Hillary, all we need to do is to require every firearm transfer to go through a background check, and hold firearm manufacturers “accountable” for crimes committed with guns.

Give Hillary credit. For someone who says she’s not a “natural politician,” she sure knows how to stick to her talking points. Unfortunately for Clinton, her talking points talk right over the problem. Telling someone who’s concerned about gang violence that the answer is another gun-control law is the verbal equivalent of casually dismissing someone with a pat on the head. It’s the worst type of political speak from the worst type of politician.

In Chicago, for example, where Hillary’s pal Rahm Emanuel is hunkered down and bitterly clinging to his job as mayor, the brutal murder of 9-year old Tyshawn Lee was allegedly committed by a 22-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record who was released from prison after serving less than half of a five-year sentence for armed robbery. Lee’s own father, 25-year-old Pierre Stokes, is now in jail on charges that he shot three individuals in retaliation for the death of his son. According to the Chicago Tribune, this cycle of violence stems from a long-running gang feud between a faction of the Gangster Disciples and an offshoot of the Black P Stones in Chicago.In short, Hillary Clinton wants to reduce gang violence by targeting legal gun owners and the lawful individuals and companies working in the firearms industry.

Many of the perpetrators and the victims of this violence are well known to the criminal justice system. They have criminal records that prohibit them from legally possessing even a round of ammunition, much less a firearm. These individuals could face 10 years in federal prison for being a felon in possession, but federal weapons cases have been dropping during the Obama administration. Instead of demonstrating any desire to use the tools available to her, Clinton instead proclaims the need for another gun law that the criminals won’t obey and her administration won’t enforce.

As for holding firearm manufacturers responsible for gang violence, shouldn’t we be ensuring the actual perpetrators of that violence are held responsible? Right now in Chicago the clearance rate for homicides is less than 20 percent, and as we’ve already detailed, most violent criminals are copping plea deals that puts them back on the street in short order. That doesn’t bother Clinton. According to none other than Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s moves against the firearms industry would shut it down (since she’s already said she wants to put a lot of people in the coal industry out of work, you have to wonder who, besides private IT professionals, she’s going to allow to remain employed … but I digress).

In short, Hillary Clinton wants to reduce gang violence by targeting legal gun owners and the lawful individuals and companies working in the firearms industry. In her response to a question about quelling gang violence, Clinton didn’t even mention the gang members committing these crimes. Instead, she brought up (I’m not kidding) people killed by “police violence.” She blamed the “gun lobby” for “scaring people into doing what they want done,” and vowed to “take them on.” The gun lobby, that is, not the individuals committing the gang violence the audience member asked about.

Oddly enough, earlier in the CNN event Clinton told another audience member that she supports criminal justice reform and wants states to stop building prisons. We apparently don’t have the space and money to house violent criminals for the entirety of their sentence as it is, but she wants to use some of those cells to throw people behind bars for the private sale of a firearm?

We know what Clinton’s priority is, and it’s not to deal with the small number of violent criminals who make life hell for Americans in high-crime communities. Nope, she has met her enemy and it is us—the law-abiding gun owners, the NRA members, the employers and employees in the firearms industry, and even the men and women serving in law enforcement.


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