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Canadian Armed Forces Field the SIG Sauer P320

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The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) has officially transitioned to the SIG Sauer P320, giving the new, standard-issue sidearm the C22 designation. The initial delivery of 7,000 pistols was completed earlier this month, and as soldiers fielded the new pistol, the nation’s military put its aging fleet of Browning 9 mm Hi-Powers—adopted in 1944—out to pasture.

The contract was awarded in October 2022 and valued at $3.2 million (USD). Terms include the option of up to an additional 9,500 pistols. With the announcement, Canada joined the United States, Denmark and France, which also issue the handgun to their troops.

“The Government of Canada is committed to providing the Canadian Armed Forces with the equipment they need when they need it,” said Honourable Anita Anand, Canadian Minister of National Defence. “Replacing the Browning 9mm with the C22 full frame modular pistol will help ensure the continued operational readiness and effectiveness of all our members.”

“The selection process for the C22 was extremely competitive with safety, reliability, and accuracy at the forefront—the P320 delivers on all fronts and ensures operational readiness and effectiveness for the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President of Law Enforcement Sales for SIG Sauer. “For the first time in nearly eighty years our northern allies will field a modern, reliable pistol to support and carry out their mission.”

The C22 is a P320 modular, full-size, 9 mm-chambered striker-fired pistol. The C22, contract pistol enhancements including improved ergonomic design, 17-round capacity and a loaded chamber indicator visible to the user at any angle. Additionally, the C22 features the SIG Saur P320 3-point takedown safety for pistol disassembly, which does not require a trigger pull for disassembly and the five-point safety system.

“SIG Sauer is honored that the P320 is the official sidearm of the Canadian Armed Forces, and proud of the positive feedback we are receiving throughout their transition to the P320,” concluded Jankiewicz.

Article by GUY J. SAGI


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