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At first glance, they appear to be constructed in the shape of a handgun, but as the camera pans around to a side view, the illusion forms…

This is just another example of those in law enforcement who go through background checks, are given weapons, carry them and then either accidentally fire them like this with complete disregard for victims or purposefully use them to commit a crime against a member of the public.

If the bump stock ban somehow is able to weather the lawsuit against it, which it shouldn’t be able to do, then echo triggers will be right behind them, and eventually the semi-automatic guns themselves.

Two of Bexar County’s finest were seen on surveillance footage and by multiple witnesses threatening to carry out a mass shooting after people refused to obey their commands.

Congratulations, President Trump, you’ve just made yourself an enemy of the people with this measure.  What will be next?  Outlawing belt loops and fingers and triggers?  Or will you just go along with the Commie gun grabbers?

John Lott, at the Crime Prevention Research Center, has his team try to duplicate Lankford’s research and found—surprise!—that Lankford considerably underestimated the number of mass shootings abroad. Lankford said there were about 90 over a 46-year period; Lott’s crew found thousands, leading them to believe that Lankford didn’t use foreign languages to search for data and that no translator cross-checked the information.

The power of a 12-gauge in a package reduced in size to that of a pistol.  What’s not to like?  Saiga-pattern magazines are plentiful and reasonably priced and the gun runs on defensive loads for which it was intended.

A New Jersey law that makes it a felony to possess a gun magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition is now active. This wildly unconstitutional law instantly criminalizes hundreds of thousands of New Jersey citizens who legally acquired normal capacity firearms magazines — which include 17-round pistol magazines and

CNN, along with their self-important, liberal flunkies, need to stop presuming to dictate politically-correct “proper procedure” to us who actually do own guns, and do go armed, sometimes in dangerous places, and go back to eating grass in their ivory towers.