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Century Arms And GForce Arms Issue Recalls

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Century Arms has identified a potential durability issue in a limited run of BFT47 rifles that may affect proper feeding and/or chambering of cartridges. To address the concern, Century is requesting owners of BFT47s to immediately stop use of the firearm and consult this special web page to determine by serial number if their gun needs to be returned for inspection and remediation, if necessary.

If the rifle has a serial number included in the recall, submit a return request to the company at [email protected]. Once received Century will inspect and replace any affected units to ensure the durability issue is remedied. Century will perform all required service free of charge.

Also announced this month is a recall of a few GForce Arms GF991220-DLX shotguns. The company has received reports of a faulty safety switch manufactured by a supplier in some early guns. In those firearms, the safety switch has the potential to fail and move to the fire position when the trigger is pulled with an exorbitant amount of force multiple times. The cause of this issue is the absence of the detent/dimple on the safety switch. The safety switch, however, has not been found to have issues unless the trigger is pulled with an exorbitant amount of pressure multiple times.

In an abundance of safety, though, the company has implemented a safety recall of GF991220-DLXs manufactured prior to March 15, 2022. To determine whether a shotgun is affected, enter its serial number on this webpage. You can also contact GForce Arms by calling (833) 343-6723.

If the shotgun is included in the recall, a convenient on the above-linked webpage and customer service can initiate a return request. Once processed, a shipping label and instructions will be generated for its return to the company’s service center.

Article by GUY J. SAGI

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