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Cody Wilson To Distribute 3D-Printed Gun Files On Flash Drives Despite Judge’s Unlawful Injunction

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Whether you agree with Defense Distributed’s founder Cody Wilson or not (I do), the reality is that the files he is sharing are protected under the First Amendment from Congress writing law against them and therefore, they are protected from judge’s infringing on that right as well.  In the face of numerous unlawful lawsuits by states that want to shut down the free flow of information and a judge’s preliminary injunction on Monday, to block the publication of Wilson’s gun files, Cody Wilson has determined to ensure that if people want the files, he’ll simply put them on a flash drive and drop them in the mail to purchasers.

The motion for preliminary injunction was filed by the State of Washington, which we all know has engaged in tyrannical gun confiscation legislation to infringe on the rights of its citizens.  The motion should have been tossed out on its head based on the First and Second Amendments alone, as nothing more than frivolous.

Yet, Judge Robert Lasnik bowed to the unlawful motion and honored it.

However, that is not stopping Wilson from following through to provide files to purchasers.  In an exclusive interview with Breitbart, Awr Hawkins reported:

Wilson spoke to Breitbart News prior to his press conference, and said he has revamped the Defense Distributed website so that purchasers pick and choose what codes they want. The product — a 3D gun file or 3D gun part file — is then emailed to them or sent on a flash drive via snail mail.

He noted: “And other people get to participate. It’s not just me. Anyone can join and sell their files on this marketplace. And I’ll give them 50 percent of the profit on the sale.” He explained that individuals who have designed a 3D file for a trigger or a receiver, for example, can sell those files on his site.

We discussed the fact that this website revamp comes just a day after online sharing was blocked. Wilson said, “Every single setback I’ve faced has been a thing that propels me toward the objective. And this is a beautiful moment, if I can grab a hold of it.”

After years of harassing Wilson, in July, the Justice Department finally gave in and admitted that the 3D-Print files are protected under the First Amendment.  However, that didn’t stop Judge Lasnik from thumbing his nose at the Constitution and imposing another injunction against Wilson distributing the files within days of the DOJ’s decision.

The reality is that these people that take an oath before God and the people to uphold the Constitution do anything and everything but do that.  That is grounds for impeachment under our Constitution.

Those with a gun confiscation, gun regulation or gun restriction agenda are engaging in a fool’s errand.  Guns are not the issue. Criminals who use guns unlawfully are, and we already have laws that deal with their lawlessness.

Surely, one shouldn’t be afraid of a computer file, should they?  Yep, if you’re an anti-American, anti-Constitutionalist, this scares you to death!

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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