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Colorado Man Kills Bear in Self Defense

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A Colorado man was forced to act in defense of his life, and the life of his pet. Just under two weeks ago, a camper at an outdoor area was alerted in the early morning by the barking of his dog. When he exited his camper to investigate, he was greeted with a frightening scene—a bear was chasing his pet. Upon calling to his dog however, the bear charged both of them, leaving the camper no choice but to shoot the 260-pound boar. While it is illegal to shoot a bear to protect a pet, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Jason Clay said because the man was protecting himself, he will likely not be ticketed. Clay went on to say the bear had broken into the man’s vehicle days earlier. Further, officials believe the bear had also been infiltrating other campsites in the area. For more on the story, check out fox21news.com.

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