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Create a Diversion

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Now, we know that we’re all supposed to be alert for possible criminal activity in our area. But, I think you’ll agree with me that we aren’t always as aware as we should be, or could be. The fact is that our first inkling of a problem might be when we look up and see a crook with a weapon right there in front of us. The fact is that he’s ahead of us and we need something to even the odds and give us a chance to successfully respond.

What we need in that sort of situation is a diversion, something that will attract the crook’s attention and allow us to get our defensive firearm into play. The challenge is to think under this kind of pressure and come up with something that will take the bad guy’s mind away from his chosen task.

One friend of mine carries a cheap metal money clip with some bills in it. When the street punk demands money, my friend slowly takes out the money clip and tosses it to the crook. Only he purposely tosses it so that it hits the ground short of the crook and, in fact, lands to one side or the other. The idea is that the crook will naturally follow the money clip with his eyes and that will give my friend a chance to move and draw.

In the case of a home invasion, there are lots of things that can be knocked over to create that diversion. Table lamps, dishes, a pot on the stove; all will create noise that may cause the crook to look that way. Dogs, even the pet that has never met a stranger, can cause momentary concern for the bad guys. And your spouse in the other room might knock something over, yell or scream, to give you that advantage.

One friend of mine, being approached by three street punks, grabbed one of those plastic trash cans on wheels and knocked it over right in front of them. In that moment, he stepped into the street, flanked the punks and put his defensive pistol on them. After that, it was all peace, love, and brotherly fellowship…just a big misunderstanding.

Use your head. Look around you. And discuss it with your spouse. You need to buy just a little bit of time and there are hundreds of ways to do that.


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