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Cuomo Harassed Gun Rights Protesters – Now, He’s Been Ordered to Turn Over Gun Registries to Them

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Last year, New York Patriots showed up to burn gun registration forms in light of the New York SAFE Act. Just weeks prior, some 3,000 activists descended on Albany to protest the same act, which had resulted in 1,200 felony charges, and were bullied by members of the state police.

At the time, Shooters Committee on Political Education had claimed that the state police had attempted to disrupt the demonstration by harassing those who attended and confiscating replica guns.

SCOPE contends Governor Cuomo and his staff orchestrated rules and regulations that were enforced by troopers in order to intimidate protesters and disrupt their demonstration.

“I was there, and it was total intimidation,” said New York State Assemblyman David DiPietro of East Aurora. “That was done by the governor on purpose to try and intimidate people.”

SCOPE, recognizing the tyranny of the governor’s office, filed a Freedom of Information request in order to uncover the governor’s fingerprints in the use of the police against them at the rally, a rally I might add that was attended by GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

WGRZ reports that Cuomo has now been ordered to turn over the documents requested in the FOIA request.

A state supreme court judge in Albany ruled in favor of SCOPE and against the governor, who now has 30 days to turn over the documents or appeal.

“This is a big victory,” DiPietro said of the judge’s decision.

In a short emailed statement, the governor’s spokesperson said, “We expect to appeal.”

However, the governor’s office claims that they will appeal the ruling of the court. Why? What do you have to hide? Your tyranny and lawlessness against the people of New York?

This is the second victory by the gun owner’s rights group in a few months. Back in May, the Washington Free Beacon reported that Governor Cuomo was ordered to release records from his SAFE Act’s assault weapons registry (really a semi-automatic weapons registry), which had been denied 2,000 times before.

DiPietro commented on the Governor’s decision to appeal. “Here’s the governor, who is being demanded by the court to turn over public documents, and he keeps refusing,” DiPietro said. “That’s the height of arrogance.”

Indeed, but he’s a Cuomo. We have not come to expect uprightness from anyone with that name in New York.


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