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David Hogg Silent As Students Engage in Riotous Behavior & Unsavory Conduct During Student #Walkout For Gun Control

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When one steps into the arena of politics, regardless of age, one has to assume responsibility for one’s platform and it’s outcomes.  At age 17, David Hogg, a child, is the media darling “face man” for the anti-constitutionalist gun-grabbing, people control agenda of the lamestream enemedia.  Throughout the last month, Hogg’s rants against the government, the NRA, Dana Loesch, President Trump, Florida Governor Rick Scott, and those supporting the right to keep and bear arms, at times, contains fruity language.  He cannot hide his almost “hatred” of those who do not share his views.  So, it is no wonder that during the March 14, 2018, Hogg-inspired walkout of school-age children across the republic would have some unintended consequences.  Yet, Hogg has not come forward to denounce the crimes committed by those he encouraged to protest.

The Washington Times reports:

Chicago high-school students used permission to take part in nationwide gun control protests this week as an excuse to destroy a local Walmart.

Police are analyzing surveillance video of a Thursday rampage in Chicago’s South Side that led to a Walmart being turned upside down. Roughly 40 to 60 kids from Simeon Career Academy exploited the day of activism by looting and destroying property.

David Hogg is not responsible for the actions of these criminals;  however, these crimes would not have been committed against the mega-retailer had these children not been participating in the walkout urged by Hogg.  Hogg has yet to issue a statement condemning the criminal acts occurring during the protest he urged school students to participate.

Likewise, the school, Simeon Career Academy, has not come forward with a statement either.  Some Simeon students say they are angry that a peaceful protest resulted in vandalism and violence, according to a local Chicago news affiliate.

Alderman Howard Brookins of Chicago’s 21st Ward had this to say upon viewing the footage of Chicago students engaged in criminal behavior during the walkout.

“We worked too hard to get to try and get these national retailers here in our community, and this doesn’t help us. It makes no sense to tear up the community, which you call home,” says Brookins.

The Chicago Public School spokesman issued a statement saying, “We are very concerned by these allegations and we are reviewing the matter.”

Video posted to social media documented the vandalism and an officer saying, while viewing the damage, “Oh my God.  Look how they tore up our store!”

According to Infowars.com:

A Walmart employee told The Red Elephants, “These guys jacked up our store pretty good. They pounced on cars in the lot, vandalized two of the school buses parked there, threw Gatorade bottles at shoppers, smoke bombs, and we heard gunshots in the parking lot.”

The students, who likely attend Simeon Career Academy located five minutes from the store, stole small items and knocked over product displays during the mayhem.

Chicago police are working on identifying the students involved using “high quality” surveillance footage, as well as looking at videos on social media.

“Simeon High School students trashed Walmart during the ‘Walkout protest’ – threw food items at shoppers, threw smoke bombs, jumped on cars in and Walmart employees tell us that they heard multiple gunshots in parking lot during rampage.”


All reports indicate the students will likely be charged with misdemeanors if Chicago Police are able to identify the suspects.

It wasn’t just Chicago that experienced a problem with students who chose to walkout of class to participate in Hogg’s protest.  According to The Red Elephant, students attending Antioch High School, near Nashville, Tennessee, burst out of the school doors and ripped the American flag from the flagpole then engaged in a fight.  Vincent James, writing for The Red Elephant, indicated, “This could have turned deadly for a lot of people real quick.  One-sided biased political protests, encouraged by high school and grade schools, probably isn’t such a great idea.”

Again, David Hogg is not responsible for the actions of these criminals;  but, these individuals used the event promoted by Hogg to engage in criminal activity in Chicago and inappropriate behavior in Tennessee.  Therefore, Hogg should come forward to denounce their actions, reiterate to students their protests are intended to be peaceful, and remind students that criminal actions such as these damages their position.  Moreover, Hogg should state his disdainful speech and use of fruity language does not justify crime on the part of others.

But, David Hogg is not solely to blame here either.

The teachers, teachers’ union and organizations, the school board and the lamestream enemedia can take a piece of the blame pie as well – not to forget, those anti-constitutionalists who have backed Hogg and the gun grabbing agenda to include charlatan politicians intent on allowing children to determine policy.

Anyone promoting these children’s platform can take a share of blame pie because children should not be used to promote a political agenda.

Since Hogg has decided to play in the adult arena, it’s time for him to put on his “big boy” shorts and step up to the plate to condemn violence and vandalism perpetrated during a nationwide event HE created, the adult organizations backed and promoted, and school districts condoned by allowing it.

One does not get a “pass” based on age when choosing to step off the puppy porch and run with the big dogs.

While David Hogg will probably never see this piece of advice, it will be given regardless.

Mr. Hogg,  because you choose to participate in the adult arena of policy and lawmaking to infringe upon the God-given individual unalienable rights of adults, you are required to take responsibility for instituting a “student protest” that resulted in crimes being committed against innocents and unsavory behavior occurring at schools across the republic.  While you are not responsible for their behavior, your event, backed by teachers, teachers’ unions and organizations, school districts and various adult organizations, resulted in children violating the law and codes of conduct.  It is the adult and mature thing to do to condemn these actions as not part of the protest you have initiated.  Moreover, while your anger may be justified, the direction you choose to vent your anger is misplaced, meaning others could misconstrue your message and direction of your anger to conclude, wrongly, it is acceptable to engage in criminal behavior, violence, vandalism and unsavory conduct at school.

Failure to address these events that occurred during your call for a nationwide student walkout will demonstrate your immaturity to function in an adult arena and an irresponsible nature to shoulder some of the blame for creating an atmosphere whereby students could misinterpret your message as condoning riotous behavior.

The level of immaturity and irresponsible nature on display across the republic clearly indicates why children are not, by virtue of age and mental development, capable of participating in serious political issues affecting millions of American citizens.

It’s time to stand up, David.

The choice is yours.

Either be a man or sit down until you actually become one.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

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