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Democrat Claims Paris Terrorists may Have got AKs from U.S.

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Just when you thought the politicians rhetoric could not get any more absurd, Representative Jan Schakowsky (spoiler alert: she is a Democrat from Chicago) suggests U.S. gun laws are in some way responsible for the Paris attacks! Do these people have no shame?

In an interview about the recent Paris terror attacks, Rep. Schakowsky took the opportunity to capitalize on the tragedy and suffering of others to push a leftwing political agenda against the Second Amendment.

Rep. Schakowsky cites terrorist speeches as evidence of the need for gun control and then goes on to suggest the firearms used in the Paris shooting may have been bought in the U.S. A word of warning: this could be one minute and 30 seconds of the dumbest political speeches you hear today.

Beyond the ludicrous belief that gun laws in the United States have anything to do with terror attacks in Paris France, the Illinois democrat completely dismisses the fact that the terrorists were able to get high explosives. I mean, really? They can get high explosives and build suicide vests, but they came to the United States to buy a few AKs?



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