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Democrats Aren’t Happy with ATF – Urge Reviving of Bullet Ban

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) backpedaled on their potential ban of M855 5.56 NATO/.223 ammunition, citing a “publishing error,” and finally surrendered to shelving the idea for now after being contacted by over 80,000 Americans this week. However, gun grabbing socialists, also known as Democrats, are urging Obama’s ATF to ignore the Constitution and the people of the US and push for the ban anyway.

The Hill reported that they were the first to obtain a draft of a letter by Democrats to the move ahead “swiftly” with the ban by B. Todd Jones using his “existing authority” in order to keep “dangerous ammunition out of our communities.”

“We hope that the Bureau will swiftly review comments on the proposed framework and issue a revised proposal that will address the danger posed by handguns that fire 5.56mm and other rifle ammunition,” they wrote.

Of course, the problem is multi-faceted here. As I’ve pointed out, the ATF is not an agency authorized under the US Constitution. Therefore, they have no constitutional authority to be even engaged in what they are doing currently.

Second, that means that B. Todd Jones has no constitutional authority to do what the gun grabbers want him to do.

Third, the Second Amendment is clear that no one in the federal government has any authority to restrict or regulate arms or ammunition of any kind. Yet, they persist in their lawlessness.

The Hill went on to elaborate on more that the letter contained:

House Democrats in their letter say they are “very disappointed” that the ATF delayed the rule. The proposal, they say, is true to the spirit of the Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act, which Congress passed in 1986 to ensure that officers do “not face extreme safety risk from firearm technology.”
“It is critical to update this legislation as new technologies are developed in order to keep law enforcement officers and our communities safe,” they write. “That is why we urge you not to drag out this delay and to act swiftly to keep armor-piercing ammunition that can be used in handguns off the street.”
Dozens of House Democrats, including Reps. Carolyn Maloney (N.Y.), Jackie Speier (Calif.) and Steve Israel (N.Y.), are expected to sign the letter, which will be sent on Friday to ATF Director B. Todd Jones.

Can anyone tell me how banning this ammunition will keep “communities safe”? Will they ban law enforcement officers from using the same rounds? Will they also determine that no one in the community has any of these rounds? I can tell you that they can guarantee none of this. In fact, while they continue to push the mantra of keeping “law enforcement officers… safe,” the reality is that not on policeman has ever been shot by the ammunition at the center of the discussion… not one!

In fact, earlier this year, it was determined that the United States has the world’s largest population of gun owners, yet when it comes to our murder rate, we don’t even fall in the top 100 countries of the world. Furthermore, where there are issues of high rates of murder, they are usually within areas where gun grabbers’ laws have been implemented. Compare that with the safety of cities like Kennesaw, Georgia, where gun ownership is mandatory, and you’ll find that gun-grabbing legislation is nothing but hot air that empowers criminals, not law-abiding citizens.

However, the reality of safety is not the issue. The issue is a matter of law and authority and when it comes to the federal government, the states gave absolutely no authority to make law concerning the restriction or regulation of arms or ammunition. It then follows that since no law can be made, then no law can be enforced, right?

Over the past couple of decades, people on both sides of the aisle, in Congress and the White House, have usurped that authority and determined that they will do as they please rather than be limited by the document that is meant to restrict them, not us.

So, what did B. Todd Jones have to say about this move by House Democrats? Though he did not comment on the drafting of the letter, he did say, “I want to make sure everyone understands that this was not — contrary to the blogosphere — an effort to completely ban that sort of cartridge.”

What Jones means is that they aren’t going after all 5.56/.223 ammunition… yet. The problem is that when you give them a rope they think they can be a cowboy.

The White House, of course, continues to be right on track with their push to attack the Second Amendment under the pretenses of safety. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said, “The president’s commitment to putting in place common-sense rules that will protect Second Amendment rights, but also prevent those who shouldn’t have firearms from getting them, is as strong as ever.”

Mr. Earnest, Barack Obama, B. Todd Jones, hear me: There is no authority given to you guys to “put in place common-sense rules that will protect the Second Amendment rights, but also prevent those who shouldn’t have firearms from getting them.” Get it? The Second Amendment is as clear as you can get on the protection of law-abiding citizens keeping and bearing arms. It says, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

There is no need to add to it or subtract from it. Neither of these men nor their agencies nor Congress is given any power to make “common-sense rules” about any of this.

Let me conclude by saying this, we are constantly enamored by this lawless administration and the federal government in general with talk of “common sense rules,” especially regarding arms. Ask yourself, what is their end goal? I can tell you, the only “common sense rules” gun grabbers really have in mind can be found in the words of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) when she said, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States, for an outright ban, picking up every one of them (every gun) Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in. I would have done it.”

In other words, there is no end to “common sense rules” regarding arms and ammunition until the people are left without them. These people are enemies of America plain and simple.


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