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Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO: We Destroyed $5 Million Worth Of Guns

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Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack should be removed from his position by stockholders after one of the most asinine moves I’ve ever seen by a CEO of a company that sells sporting goods, which guns have historically been at the center, or any other product for that matter.  However, Stack confirmed that his company destroyed $5 million of semi-automatic rifles.

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Stack told CBS News how they turned the guns into scrap metal.

“I said, ‘You know what? If we really think these things should be off the street, then we need to destroy them,'” Stack told CBS News.

In his book, “It’s How We Play the Game: Build a Business. Take a Stand. Make a Difference,” Stack wrote that Dick’s “sawed $5 million worth of rifles into scrap” rather than return them to the manufacturer for a refund.

The National Rifle Association tweeted out about the ridiculous decision writing, “Dick’s Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack told CBS News that his company destroyed $5 million worth of “assault-style rifles” to keep them out of private hands.”

Of course, Stack just tried to take advantage of school shootings, hoping that it would promote his political decision to ban certain guns.

For instance, Dick’s banned the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle from his chain of 720 stores following the Sandy Hook incident.

“All we were going to do was just take it off the shelf and not say anything,” Stack said. “We thought we’d get a little bit of a backlash, but we didn’t expect to get what we got.”

That’s not really what happened though.  They specifically issued a statement for purely political purposes.

Dick’s Sporting Goods said in a statement that it removed all guns from its store near Newtown “out of respect for the victims and their families” and suspended sales of modern sporting rifles in all its stores nationwide.

Who does this?  Do car dealers remove cars after someone uses a car to mow down people on the sidewalk and shout “Allah Ackbar!”?  No.

Does Uhaul turn around and sell its inventory of moving vehicles because a jihadi does the same thing with one of their rentals?  No.

Why in the world would a company think it’s “respect” to remove their product from their stores because a criminal used it to kill kids?  That’s the most idiotic, but very political, thing I’ve heard in my life.

It got worse though after the alleged shooting at Parkland High School in Florida, which the public still has not been given access to all the cameras, the shooter actually being inside the school or anything remotely like footage that was provided following the Columbine shooting in 1999.

Dick’s pulled high-capacity magazines from stores and stopped the sale of firearms to anyone under 21, something that is clearly an illegal discrimination under the law for which they were sued.

“We found out we sold this kid a shotgun and I said, ‘We’re done,’” Stack said on CBS about accused shooter Nicholas Cruz. “Even though that’s not the gun he used, it could have been.”

It could have been?  It also cold have been a hunting knife you sell.  It could have been with a bow and arrow, which Dick’s also sells.  This is the most politically motivated and agenda driven action by a company I’ve witnessed in recent times.

When asked how much he thought Dick’s would lose by taking this un-American stand, Stack said, “A quarter of a billion dollars.”

And when asked how much the company actually lost, he replied, “About a quarter of a billion! Pretty close.”

Then they turned the rest of their semi-automatic inventory of $5 million into scrap metal.

Honestly, I have to wonder why stock holders didn’t demand Stack be removed as CEO.  Talk about a bad investment!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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