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Doughnut Shop Employee Takes Down Suspected Robber With Fatal Shot

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A doughnut shop employee in Lancaster, California fatally shot a suspected robber when the men attempted to use a tire iron to rob the shop.

Around 3am on February 24, two men drove up in front of Sugary Donut and broke a window to get inside the shop where an employee was inside the shop getting ready to open.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide Lt. John Corina said, “They smashed the front window and went inside.”

Obviously, the two men did not know the employee was inside.  One of the men grabbed the cash register as the other man approached the employee with a tire iron.

“The employee ends up shooting one of the suspects, killing him,” Corina said.

The man collapsed and died inside the shop as the other man fled the scene, dropping the cash register.

Lancaster Station deputies responded to a “burglary in progress call” from the shop.  They found the broken glass, cash register, and tire iron, along with the employee’s weapon.

The employee was questioned, but no arrests or charges were filed.

The owner of the shop said that she and the employee were trying to grasp all that had just happened.  Apparently, he was in shock after having to take the man’s life who was set on taking his.

“He is very shook up and so am I. … I’m just glad that he’s OK,” she said.

The employee was described by a longtime customer as a step-father of the owner who works during the night before the shop opens.

“Apparently, he had been the victim of a robbery before, he had been robbed at a previous donut shop where he worked,” said Corina.

Corina added that the tire iron resembled a gun.

“If you looked at it, the end of it looks like the barrel of a gun,” he said.

While Corina would not call the shooting justified, he did say, “Well, it’s legal in California. You work inside your business, you can be armed. You can have a weapon inside your business, just like you can have a weapon inside your home.”

It’s actually legal any and everywhere you go, according to the Second Amendment.  It’s a God-given right.

The getaway care was left at the scene.

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