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This Man Brought Pickaxe to a Gun Fight – Now He’s Dead

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An Alabama business owner shot and killed a man who attempted broke into his bedroom armed with a pickaxe.

This incident occurred near the end of February when 20-year-old Sedrick Jemison used a pickaxe to break into Elite Marine.  The owners also lived on the property.

The sound of the glass smashing woke the 74-year-old owner nad he quickly grabbed his gun and took aim at his bedroom door as he heard Jemison making his way through the business back to the living area.

Jemison’s pickaxe struck the bedroom door and as it gave way, the owner fired his weapon, hitting Jemison multiple times.  He then called 911.

As police arrived on the scene, they discovered Jemison’s dead body.

“The male subject entered his bedroom, wearing a black bandanna on his face and charging towards him, where the homeowner then fired his pistol,” Foley Police said in a press release.  “There are no charges against the homeowner as this appears to be a case of self-defense.”

Police believed a second suspect may have been involved.

“He had every right to be in fear for his life and he took action accordingly. And if he hadn’t I think the tables would have been turned,” said Capt. Thurston Bullock.

When asked if he thought the owner would have been killed had he not acted, Capt. Bullock replied, “Absolutely.”

“At this point, we don’t know an exact motive not sure if it was a robbery or what. Still looking into that,” said Capt. Bullock.

“I don’t know what he could do besides let him kill him,” said Kathy Thompson, who lives down the street from Elite Marine.  “He had to defend himself. He broke through that many doors, came with an ax you have to do what you have to do.”

Terry Azevedo, the owner of the property, who leases the space to the 77-year-old man who lives and operates a boating store at the address, spoke about the incident.

While you may not find yourself being attacked with a pickaxe, you definitely can learn from this that you need to be armed and willing to use it to defend your life, the lives of those you care about and even perfect strangers.  I’m glad this owner was prepared.

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