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Editor’s Choice: CZ 600 Alpha

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CZ-USA is offering one of the year’s few all-new bolt-action rifles, the Model 600. This is a generational change from the previous old-school guns, which were based largely on the Mauser 98.

The racy-looking CZ 600 has a three-lug bolt for a 60-degree bolt lift. It also has an excellent cold-hammer-forged barrel, for which CZ is well-known, and a non-stressed aluminum receiver. The gun is offered in black synthetic as the Alpha, oil-finished walnut as the Lux, a heavy-barreled version in a laminate target stock (the Range) and the telescopic-stocked Trail.

The rifle has an interesting two-position safety that allows the bolt to be manipulated when locked by depressing a release button, precluding the feeding of a round from the magazine. All Model 600s come with a sub-m.o.a. accuracy guarantee.

For more information, please visit cz-usa.com.

Article by MARK A. KEEFE, IV

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