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Editor’s Choice: Longshot HAWK Smart Scope

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I can’t even begin to guess how much time I’ve spent moving back and forth from my rifle to a spotting scope to confirm bullet strikes on target. Breaking position from the rifle always interferes with shooting efficiency, which oftentimes leads to a degradation of accuracy. Whether the shot is a hit or a miss is a question that nearly every rifle shooter needs to have answered, and with one handy product, we no longer have to wonder. For shooters and hunters, Longshot produces its HAWK Smart Scope, a compact and portable camera system that is app-enabled for easy viewing on Bluetooth-capable devices. Attach the device to your spotting scope, and the HAWK streams the view straight to your app-enabled smartphone.

In addition to its ease of setup, simple-to-use interface, lightweight makeup, and weather- and drop-resistance, the HAWK provides more than 12 hours of continuous use from a single charge, does not require cellular or WiFi service and comes with a two-year warranty, custom case and wall charger. A 1920×1080-pixel camera contained within a durable plastic housing broadcasts live data via a 2.4GHz band to Bluetooth-capable devices. One of the HAWK’s most important features is its ability to attach to, and center, its camera behind any spotting scope with an ocular lens that measures between 36 mm and 58 mm in diameter.

I thoroughly enjoyed the company’s LongshotHD app. The video and image-recording features are a great benefit to not just target shooters, but hunters as well. Measuring group size and marking impacts couldn’t be easier thanks to the app. The program will even split the difference of your shots to provide you with an absolute zero.

MSPR for the Longshot HAWK is $249. For more information, visit longshotcameras.com.



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