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Editor’s Choice: MyCaseBuilder PrintBuilder

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When I find myself in possession of a gun/guns in desperate need of a case upgrade, I often turn to MyCaseBuilder, as the company not only offers a wide assortment of quality firearm cases, but its online design program allows me to custom configure each case’s interior to suit my particular needs. American Rifleman evaluated the company’s process a few years ago (November 2017, p. 28) and found it to be simple and fun, and the resulting product to be of excellent quality.

Now MyCaseBuilder has added a whole new level of customization with the 2022 introduction of PrintBuilder, a service that allows customers to add full-color printing to the case’s waterjet-cut foam insert and/or the interior of its padded lid. The possibilities are literally endless: Users can now label and color-code their case’s cavities for easy identification, add a company logo or decorate the interior with any pattern they see fit.

I’ve always been impressed by the reasonableness of MyCaseBuilder’s prices, and PrintBuilder is no exception; the company’s new printing service costs just an additional $15 per surface. The pictured sample consists of a customized Doro D1813-4 case (including three unique cavities that were created using the design program’s auto-tracing feature) with two custom-printed surfaces, and would have a delivered-to-your-door price of only $198. That is an extremely modest price tag for a quality-made firearm case personalized to your exact specifications. mycasebuilder.com


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