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Editor’s Choice: Ruger Security-380

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Ruger, building on its successful use of a similar naming convention for other models, has introduced the Security-380, a compact concealed-carry pistol with a 3.42″ barrel and a width of just 1.02″ across the slide.

The 19.7-oz. pistol features a locked-breech, shrouded-hammer design and has a capacity of 10 or 15 rounds of .380 ACP by way of the two included magazines.

It features the company’s Lite Rack system—slide serrations, cocking ears and recoil spring tension engineered to make slide manipulation easier—and the Secure Action passive trigger safety combines with a manual safety that locks the slide to provide the user peace of mind when carrying in IWB, OWB or pocket holsters.

Dovetailed sights include a fiber-optic front and a steel, vertical-ledge rear, and stippling on the grip makes for a secure hold on the gun during firing. An accessory rail accommodates a light or laser, and the Security-380 fits holsters previously introduced for the Security-9.

For more information, visit ruger.com.


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