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Editor’s Choice: Winchester Copper Impact

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Winchester Ammunition had previously offered its Copper Impact loads as a subset of the Deer Season XP series, but the manufacturer recently separated the two product lines while also introducing numerous new chamberings to the Copper Impact family.

In addition to the seven existing loads, Winchester has added a 125-grain 6.5 mm PRC, a 130-grain .270 Win., a 162-grain 6.8 mm Western, a 180-grain 30-’06 Sprg., a 180-grain .300 WSM and two .300 Win. Mag. loads (150 and 180 grains). Like the others, the new offerings feature the Extreme Point, a solid-copper bullet with a large-diameter nose cavity topped with a red polymer tip, as well as a boattail base for improved downrange ballistic performance.

For more information, please visit winchester.com.

Article by MARK A. KEEFE, IV

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