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EGW Upgrades For 1911, 2011 Pistols

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EGW has been in the business a long time, providing its customers with the desired upgrades to enhance the performance of your firearm. George Smith and his team are based in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, and have been designing and manufacturing world class parts and accessories for rifles and pistols since 1991. All of my competition 1911/2011s have EGW parts, especially their trigger kits. EGW has already put several upgrades out on the market for the Prodigy line, starting with a magwell.

The aluminum magwell ships in either silver or black finish and includes the required mainspring pin to attach. The factory Prodigy magazines may need some minor fitting once installed. The MBX magazines work with no required fitting. The magwell adds a nice feel to the palm and helps to force your hand into the beavertail. It is a lower profile, but offers a nice wide opening for reloads.

EGW also has a carbon steel barstock slide stop in black and a stainless steel with a glass bead finish available. Machined from solid barstock, these are 0.200-inch diameter pin to create a better lockup and longer lasting than the MIM slide stop from the factory. In addition, there is also a guide rod kit for the 4.25-inch model that includes a takedown hole and a flat wire ISMI spring with the EGW reverse plug. The head of the guide rod has smooth beveled edges to make for a seamless look. Also, I learned a five-inch model is in the works.

EGW offers several different ignition kits if you are looking to upgrade your fire control with hammer and springs. There are both blue and stainless kits that include sear spring and mainspring. Mainsprings are available in 19# or 17# with the kits as well as hammer, ball head disconnector, short hard sear and the Colt 1911 Sear Spring. Their kits are listed on the EGW website as not 100 percent drop-in, and recommend that it be checked by a competent gunsmith prior to shooting.

Check out the EGW website for current and upcoming upgrades, as well as all of their high-end upgrades and firearm parts and accessories at egwguns.com.

Article from the May/June 2023 issue of USPSA’s magazine.


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