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First Look: Alien Gear Slim Holster for the Glock G17

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Alien Gear Holsters has just released the new Alien Gear Rapid Force Level 2 Slim Holster for 5th generation Glock G17 pistols. This new holster fit now joins the rest of the lineup which already includes holsters for other Glock pistol models such as the Glock G45 and previous Glock pistol generations. In addition to this, the Alien Gear Rapid Force Level 2 Slim holster is now available for other pistols that are similar to the Glock such as those made by Shadow Systems, Lone Wolf Distributors and others.

The Glock G17 is one of the most ubiquitous modern handguns and is arguably the first commercially successful polymer frame striker fired semi automatic handgun which set the stage for the current duty grade pistol category. Now in its fifth generation, the original versions date back to the early 1980s when polymer-framed pistols were something completely different than the norm of the time period, which were primarily fully metal built handguns with wooden grips.

The Alien Gear Rapid Force Level 2 Slim Holster is built around a minimalist contoured modular shell that gives pistol carriers a higher degree of flexibility and also has built-in Level 2 retention. The Level 2 Slim can be used with other modular Alien Gear-produced parts like the QDS (Alien Gear Quick Disconnect System). The QDS allows the Slim to be used in a variety of holster positions, including on a standard paddle set up, with MOLLE attachments, secure surface mounting or duty/tactical swiveling drop-leg rigs. The minimalist design of the Level 2 Slim holster is designed to lighten the weight and reduce the footprint of the holster on the body. The holster can handle pistols with slide mounted electronic reflex sights and has a channel tall enough to clear suppressor height iron sights, which are oftentimes paired with mounted reflex sights.

Please visit aliengearholsters.com to learn more about the Alien Gear Slim holster, the Alien Gear QDS system or other products from Alien Gear.


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