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First Look: Bond Arms Grizzly

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Bond Arms is well known for manufacturing Derringer-style handguns. Where many companies have made less expensive versions for concealed carry, Bond Arms differentiates itself by making very high-quality weapons that are tailored to a range of needs.

Consider the company’s Grizzly. Part of the company’s Rough Series, the Grizzly pistol is named after the bear of the same name. Just as the grizzly bear is a fearsome animal, so too is the Bond Arms Grizzly. Chambered for both the .45 Colt and the .410-bore shotshell, the double-barreled pistol is ready to deliver decisive stopping power from its compact package.

Even though Bond Arms is able to offer the Grizzly at an affordable price, the quality of the construction is still top notch. Both the frame and barrels are made of stainless steel for a lifetime of service. The extended grip allows for a fuller hold on the handgun. The grips are made of rosewood to give the Grizzly a look that equals its performance.

For aiming, the Bond Arms Grizzly has a large front blade. In back is a fixed notch that cannot be knocked out of alignment when carried. The Grizzly uses a single-action firing system with retracting firing pins and a patented rebounding hammer.

Bond Arms priced the Grizzly aggressively at only $377. For that price, the company includes a leather belt holster with the gun. That alone can save you an addition $50 or more. How is the company able to offer these guns at such a low price? As mentioned the Grizzly is part of the company’s Rough Series. These guns are constructed to the same performance levels as the others in the Bond Arms catalog. The difference is they are not highly polished and receive only a basic clean up after manufacture. Each gun may have various tool marks or other cosmetic imperfections. However, the guns perform the same as the more expensive options.

For additional information about the Bond Arms Grizzly, visit the company’s website at bondarms.com.


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