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First Look: Breakthrough Clean Suppressor Cleaner

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Breakthrough Clean Technologies is now making a new water-based, firearm-suppressor cleaning solution for shooters who frequently shoot firearms with suppressors, muzzle brakes, flash hiders and compensators. Muzzle devices are enjoying more popularity on both long guns and handguns as they aid the shooter in keeping their muzzles flatter which helps make easier follow up shots. Suppressors obviously also help reduce noise blast levels besides their recoil reduction benefits. The downside of shooting suppressors, breaks or compensators is that these devices accumulate fouling rather easily and it can sometimes be hard to clean off.

The new Breakthrough Clean Technologies Suppressor Cleaner is designed specifically to reduce fouling from heavy carbon, copper and lead on muzzle devices where those pollutants tend to accumulate, especially on firearms that are subject to extended shooting sessions or get shot often. Over time, if these substances aren’t cleaned out properly, they can attract moisture and lead to rust and corrosion of not only the muzzle device itself but also the firearm. Suppressor Cleaner is made from a blend of specialized detergents and surfactants, while also being free of ammonia and water based.

Product Information
• Removes carbon and lead deposits
• Reduces the time it takes to clean a firearm in addition to the frequency needed to clean it
• Petroleum- and ammonia-free
• Provides firearms with short-term rust- and corrosion-protection/prevention
• 100-percent biodegradable and does not harm suppressor material surfaces after long term exposure
• Odorless and non-flammable

Breakthrough Clean Technologies has this cleaning solution available to consumers in containers of 16 fluid ounces, 32 fluid ounces or a gallon jugs, respectively. Suppressor Cleaner is manufactured in the United States and is available on Breakthrough Clean Technologies’ website. For more information, please visit breakthroughclean.com.



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