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First Look: Burris Thermal V2 Scope

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Burris Optics has announced its Thermal V2 Riflescope is now shipping. Engineered to deliver excellent thermal-imaging capabilities, it provides users with a thermal imaging solution that enhances situational awareness, detection, and tracking—even in the dead of night.

Equipped with a Burris Cyber Core thermal-processing system, the BTS V2 combines a 12mm 35MM Objective lens, 400×300 thermal sensor and an advanced image processor to deliver clear and detailed images. This is designed to allow users to identify objects and targets such as pigs and coyotes at distance. Even in dusty and warm conditions, the animals stand out in stark relief against the ambient environment.

Top view Burris Thermal V2

Aside from these fundamental technologies, the Thermal V2 includes video recording and device control via the BurrisConnect mobile app, where users can stream video to up to five devices in real time. Multiple reticle options in first and second digital focal planes; image interpretation using contrast and thermal intensity control; and customizable color palettes allow users to adapt the Thermal V2 Riflescope to suit their preferences. Additional features include picture-in-picture, stadia metric ranging, and hot track.

A user-friendly interface allows quick access to essential features. The user interface was inspired by popular video-game menus and is accessed using a rotary dial controller for tactile functionality in total darkness.

Thermal V2 Side

Power management was a high priority for designers. The BTS V2 has an extended battery life and is hot swap capable using rechargeable 18650 batteries. Next, Burris partnered with American Defense Manufacturing to co-design a unique quick-detach mounting solution allowing up to 163mm of forward and rearward travel when pairing the scope to the mount. This yields the flexibility to find the ideal eye relief when mounting the optic across ARs or bolt actions.

For more information about the Burris Thermal V2 Riflescope, please visit burrisoptics.comMSRP: $3000



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