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First Look: CVA Crossfire Muzzleloader

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BPI Outdoors/CVA has announced the introduction of the Crossfire muzzleloading rifle. Developed for use with the Federal’s patented FireStick ignition system, the Crossfire promises to be easy to load, easy to shoot, and easy to unload at the end of a day in the field.

The CVA Crossfire is offered in .50 caliber and pairs with Federal’s FireStick powder capsules. The FireSticks are factory loaded polymer capsules that are filled with Hodgdon Triple 8 powder. These capsules are available in various charges to allow the shooter to choose which load is best. The bullet is loaded down the muzzle and the charge is loaded from the breech with the shooter adding a 209 primer to complete loading. The user gets to choose which 209 primer and bullet they want to use in combination with the FireStick.

The Crossfire is equipped with a 26-inch barrel. There are two versions of this model currently available. The CR3801SM has a black stock and stainless-steel barrel, while the CR3804NM has a nitrided barrel and is finished in a Cerakote burnt bronze color for extra weather protection. This stock has a Realtree Excape camouflage pattern, and the ISM models ship with DuraSight integral scope mounts and are drilled and tapped for open sights. The Crossfire weighs 8 pounds out of the box. CVA also offers these two models in a scoped package that comes with a mounted KonusPro 3-9x40mm BDC reticle scope and a soft-sided case.

Jason Sebo, CVA division vice president of sales/brand manager says“CVA is pleased to officially announce the launch of the Crossfire. CVA’s break-action muzzleloading rifle, engineered and built to accept FireStick Technology from Federal. All of us at CVA are extremely excited to partner with Federal and bring their innovative ignition system into our line of muzzleloaders. Throughout our testing, the Crossfire produced phenomenal accuracy using the 80 grain, 100 grain, and 120 grain FireStick powder charges—each charge tested with PowerBelt Bullets ELR Series. Additionally, to our surprise, the standard deviations were minimal and very consistent. The ease of use and safety are just two more reasons hunters should pick up a Crossfire to use this fall. Please check with your local game laws to make sure the FireStick ignition system is legal during your states muzzleloading season.”

To learn more about the CVA Crossfire and other CVA products go to www.cva.comMSRP: $450-$575


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