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First Look: EAA MC 14 T Pistol by Girsan

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The newest handgun from European American Armory (EAA) is the MC 14 T by Girsan, a pistol that focuses on ease of use and increased capacity that’s wrapped up in a very compact design. The tip-up-barrel design of the MC 14 T means that loading and firing the MC 14 T is simple and quick, using a minimum of moving parts to go from loading to firing.

“With the MC 14 T, we wanted a handgun that was not only small and compact but also allowed people that may have issues with racking a slide the ability to carry.” said Chase Duffey, national sales & import manager at EAA Corp.

tip up barrel“Small enough for a purse, easy to load, and carries 13 in the magazine, it really is the perfect defensive pistol,” Keith Bernkrant, president of EAA stated, “Once we started to work with the MC 14 T, we quickly realized that loading and unloading as well as training is easier with a tip-up-design pistol, as it simply eliminates the need to rack the slide altogether. I wish that we had worked on this project earlier after seeing just how simple and intuitive it is. The tip-up barrel MC 14 T, with its external safety, external hammer and auto firing pin block, is the solution to many pistol owner’s issues and simple safe carry.”

Available in .380 ACP with a 13 round magazine, the Girsan MC 14 T has features that make it a great choice for concealed carry. The lower recoil of the .380 ACP round makes it easy to shoot, and the tip-up barrel is well-suited for people that may have issues running the slide on a standard pistol.

Girsan MC 14T Features and Specifications

  • Chambered in .380 ACP
  • Tip-up-barrel design
  • All-steel barrel & slide
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Blue/black finish
  • 3.88-inch barrel
  • 6.8 inches overall length
  • Weighs 22.4 ounces

MSRP for the Girsan MC 14T is $498, and more information on this pistol and other products from EAA is available at eaacorp.com.


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