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First Look: Federal Premium Power-Shok 360 Buckhammer

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Federal Ammunition has added the 360 Buckhammer cartridge to its Power-Shok product line. 360 Buckhammer is a brand new straight-wall cartridge recently launched by Remington Ammunition. Designed specifically for lever-actions, the cartridge has found an enthusiastic audience in the straight-well only states, retaining enough energy for devastating results past 200.

“The tag-filling efficiency of Federal Power-Shok has made it a legend in hunting camps ranging from the Northwoods to the mountains and everywhere in between,” said Federal’s Centerfire Ammunition product line manager Eric Miller. “Our traditional lead-core hunting bullets offer accurate performance at an affordable price. It is a great combination for this new cartridge. We certainly are excited to offer it in 360 Buckhammer.”

The two Power-Shok offerings in 360 Buckhammer are 180- and 200-grain jacketed soft-point (JSP) bullets. The 180-grain option is currently available, and the 200-grain option is coming soon. Both are weighted well to perform in the relatively slow-twist, 1:12-inch barrels common to the chambering. Muzzle velocity for the 180-grain option sits around 2375 fps from a 20-inch barrel, with a .178 G1 ballistic coefficient. Energy is 2254 ft.-lbs. at the muzzle, 1484 at 100 yards, and still 947 at 200. With numbers like that, its easy to see why the cartridge is catching fire with whitetail hunters everywhere.

Part of the 360 Buckhammer’s newfound popularity is its versatility. Its .358-diameter bullet delivers energy and trajectory like .30-30 Winchester, with softer recoil for better accuracy in the field. It is also a rimmed cartridge, which has been a dominant feature of prominent lever-gun cartridges since their inception. Why? Because the rim allows for more precise headspacing, which is particularly important with straight-wall cartridges. Additionally, a short action means a shorter throw, for faster follow-ups.

For more information on the 360 Buckhammer, or any other Federal products, visit www.federalpremium.comMSRP: $36.99/box of 20


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