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Preview: ProMag Ruger Mini Thirty 50-Round Drum

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You can more than double the capacity of the Ruger Mini Thirty semi-automatic rifle with ProMag’s 50-round drum magazine.

With a body constructed from a proprietary nylon resin, a hybrid steel/polymer magazine tower and a heat-treated stainless-steel magazine spring, the drum weighs 1 lb., 14 ozs., empty and 3 lbs., 12 ozs., when filled with 7.62×39 mm cartridges.

Drum magazines can have a reputation for being unreliable, but the ProMag functioned perfectly well through three separate range trips.

The drum is far faster to empty than it is to fill, however; even once you understand the process for reloading it, expect it to take a good 5 minutes to load all 50 rounds.

MSRP is $130. For more information, visit promagindustries.com.



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