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First Look: Forward Controls Design Flash Hider

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Forward Controls Design has just launched two new muzzle devices in collaboration with Revival Defense. The 6315RF and 6310RF combination flash hider and suppressor mounts are the two latest members to join Forward Control Design’s original and 6310 combination flash hider and suppressor mount family. The design team at Forward Controls Design took the basic layout of the A2 flash hider and tweaked to serve more than one purpose. The result is a compact muzzle device that can work as a flash suppressor and reduce muzzle climb while also being able to mount a variety of suppressors on the front of your barrel.

The 6315RF and 6310RF provide a durable and consistent suppressor mount without adding weight or length to the front of the firearm. Designed to accept the popular Rearden ATLAS / Q Plan B system, the RF Series is also short enough to maintain compatibility with suppressors that have limited space in the initial blast chamber, such as the CGS Helios QD. These muzzle devices also have rear A2-Style wrench slots, which makes them compatible with a standard armorer’s wrench and ¾-inch wrench. This is beneficial for both installation or if a suppressor becomes seized on the rifle and additional leverage on the muzzle device with a wrench is needed to loosen the suppressor.

FCD 6315RF and 6310RF Specifications:

  • Length: 1.725 inches
  • Weight: 2.08 ounces
  • Internal threads: ½ x 28 tpi (⅝ x 24 tpi for 6310RF)
  • External threads: 0.900 x 24 tpi
  • Wrench flats: ¾ inches

Forward Control Designs manufactures all the 6315 and 6310 muzzle devices in the United States. Both devices retail for $90. For more information on these products or other items from Forward Control Designs, please visit forwardcontrolsdesign.com.



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