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First Look: Foxpro Foxlamp

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The Foxpro Foxlamp allows for hands-free scanning for nighttime predator hunting and other activities. White, red, or green light can be selected, with the patented center-axis rotary system to access the color that best suits situational needs. The center-axis rotary system keeps the LED centered on the spherical lens, giving maximum potential light output and preventing artifacts and distortion in the light beam. Its extreme brightness allows one to quickly locate and identify targets.

An easily accessible dimmer rheostat knob offers precision brightness control to increase or decrease light intensity. The pivot base system provides quick vertical beam adjustment. Focus the beam to a specific spot or open it up to flood the field by rotating the beam focus ring. Check your battery level at any time with the press of a button, and recharge the Foxlamp via the quick connect charge system without the hassle of removing batteries. The Foxlamp is backed by a three-year LED warranty. For more information visit gofoxpro.comMSRP: $199.95


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