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First Look: Freedom Munitions .44 Mag. X-DEF Ammo

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For 2024, Freedom Munitions is adding the classic large bore magnum revolver cartridge, the .44 Mag. to its lineup of Freedom Munitions X-Def self-defense ammunition. Over the last year, Freedom Munitions has expanded its X-DEF ammunition line with several new calibers, including .38 Spl. X-DEF, .357 Mag. X-DEF in two weights, a 200-grain 10mm X-DEF and also .357 Sig X-DEF. Now the .44 Mag. is the latest cartridge to be part of the X-DEF family.

“We have designed each X-DEF round for optimum penetration and weight retention, with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the stopping power our customers can trust. Whether you are in bear country or stocking up on home defense rounds, the addition of.44 Mag. to this line allows for a confident choice in one’s personal defense ammo,” said Toby Thill, President of Freedom Munitions.

Created around defensive purposes, this new Freedom Munitions .44 Mag. cartridge consists of a brass case with X-Treme Bullets’ copper plated, 240-grain X-DEF hollowpoint expanding bullet. The cartridge is loaded with premium, propellant with low flash qualities and is also thoroughly tested in Freedom Munitions’ own underground ballistics lab. From a six in test barrel, the 240-grain projectile travels at a velocity of 1,350 fps and penetrates 15 to 18 inches in clear ballistic gelatin. This data equates to a muzzle energy of 971 foot-pounds.

The .44 Mag. revolver cartridge dates back to the mid 1950s, when Remington started loading it commercially thanks to the efforts of famed writer and shooter Elmer Keith. Mr. Keith lobbied both Smith & Wesson and Remington to start making guns and cartridges in this chambering. Originally, the .44 Mag. was begotten from the much older .44 Spl. cartridge that became a darling of serious revolver handloaders and wildcatters. Like the original load, the new Freedom Munitions X-DEF .44 Mag. round is also loaded with a 240-grain bullet. Please visit freedommunitions.com to learn more.




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