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First Look: Freedom Munitions X-DEF .357 Mag. Ammunition

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Freedom Munitions is expanding its popular line of X-DEF defense ammunition to include .357 Mag. cartridges loaded with either 158- or 125-grain bullets.

X-DEF 357 Mag Hollow Point ammunition, like the other products in the X-DEF line, has been designed from the ground up by Freedom Munitions with optimum penetration and weight retention in mind. X-DEF ammunition is intended for personal protection and has been rigorously tested to ensure utmost performance. This cartridge utilizes a brass case with X-Treme Bullets’ copper plated, X-DEF hollow point expanding bullet and is loaded with premium, low-flash powder.

“Due to its quality and accuracy, X-DEF has been a very popular product line for us. Adding this widely used defense caliber is a natural next step in building up this exclusive line, offering our customers even more options for premier defense ammunition,” said Toby Thill, President of Freedom Munitions.

Thoroughly tested in Freedom Munitions’ own underground ballistics lab, the 125-grain .357 Mag travels at a velocity of 1,575 fps from an 8-inch barrel and penetrates 13 to 15 inches in clear ballistic gelatin, while the 158-grain leaves that 8-inch barrel at 1,400 fps.

MSRP for a 50 round box of the 125-grain rounds is $38.59, while the same number of 158-grain rounds has an MSRP of $39.89. For more information on this ammo or other products from Freedom Munitions, please visit freedommunitions.com.


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