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First Look: Galco Concealable 2.0 Holster for Compact Glocks

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Galco is a renowned holster maker with over five decades experience building high-quality holsters. Now they are introducing a modern iteration of their classically styled strong side concealable leather belt holster which is now available for compact Glock handgun models.

Galco introduced understated yet critical design tweaks that includes a lower cut at the front of the holster to accommodate slide-mounted red dot optics, as such optics are now more popular and accessible than ever before. The Concealable 2.0 holster also sports other design elements that have helped it maintain its position as a market leader, such as the hand crafted, two-piece leather construction includes a raised sweat guard which protects the carrier’s body from the handgun and will also protect the handgun from the carrier’s natural perspiration. Both of the parts that compose the holster are designed to interface with the carrier’s natural curves. This allows the carrier to have a more comfortable experience wearing this holster. Moreover, all of the molding remains on the front part of the holster, granting it overall smaller profile as compared to an ordinary pancake holster.

The Concealable 2.0’s subtle butt-forward cant (frontward tilt) allows a handgun to be drawn effortlessly from behind the strong-side hip while simultaneously maximizing concealability, something that is especially beneficial to larger framed handguns. Boasting of a double-stitched construction on black or tan colored premium steerhide, this holster is also built with durability and handgun grip accessibility in mind. The Concealable 2.0 is compatible to wear with gun belts up to one and a half inches wide.

The Galco Concealable 2.0 traces its ancestry to a family of strong side belt holsters that have been on the hips of American gun owners for almost as long as Galco itself has been in business. The holster retails for $156 and is backed by Galco’s Satisfaction Guarantee (which includes hassle free returns and exchanges when a particular holster may not mesh well for a particular person). To ensure if there is a Concealable 2.0 model that is made for your handgun, and for more information about this holster and other Galco products and accessories, please visit galcousa.com.


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