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First Look: Galco WheelGunner 2.0 Holster

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One of the best-known holster makers in the country announced a new rig for revolver owners. Called the WheelGunner 2.0, the holster is an evolutionary upgrade to the original WheelGunner rig. This new leather carry rig is a welcome addition to the market that appears to treat revolver shooters as the unwelcome step-children of the semi-auto pistol crowd.

This outside-the-waistband carry rig is made for medium- and large-framed revolvers. For those of us who carry a 4 inch magnum, the WheelGunner 2.0 might be the new holster that we’ve been waiting. Sizing covers both double-action and single-action wheelguns. Currently, Galco provides fits for popular models from Colt, Dan Wesson, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Taurus. Classic guns like the Colt Python, S&W 686 and 629 and the Ruger Blackhawk are all supported.

Galco designed the holster to ride high on the belt. This has several potential benefits including an improved ability to conceal it under a jacket or other cover garment. Additionally, this design moves the gun’s cylinder – typically the bulkiest part of the revolver – off of the waistline to further aid in concealment. This position can also improve comfort for anyone seated in a vehicle.

The WheelGunner 2.0 has a hammer strap to secure the gun in the holster. While this is not a duty-style retention device, it is more than appropriate for field and concealed carry use. Galco designed the retention strap with a large polymer tab that should work well with gloves.

Galco uses premium steerhide for a holster that is compatible with belts up to 1.75 inches wide. Also, the rig is convertible from right-hand to left-hand carry.  This leather revolver holster is available in two colors: tan and black. The suggested retail price for the WheelGunner 2.0 is $94, and more information on this holster and other gear from Galco is available at galcogunleather.com.



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