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First Look: Gemtech Lunar 9 Modular Suppressor

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Due to NFA regulation and extended wait times for approval, more of today’s consumers are looking for suppressors that can serve multiple purposes, cutting down on the cost of $200 NFA tax stamps and multi-month approval delays. To serve this market, Gemtech Suppressors announced the launch of its modular Lunar 9 suppressor in 2020.

“There are a growing number of manufacturers introducing firearms with threaded barrels designed to support the attachment of a suppressor,” said Lane Tobiassen, president of Gemtech. “Threaded-barrel pistols and pistol-caliber carbines have become popular options for use with suppressors, and we have designed a high-quality, innovative, reliable, versatile suppressor that offers great sound reduction.”

The innovative design of the Gemtech Lunar 9 suppressor allows it to be shortened from a 7″ configuration to a 4.7″ length by simply unscrewing the 2.3″ extension on the end of the suppressor tube. In either length, shooters will experience significant sound reduction that diminishes potential hearing loss and noise pollution created by the report of a firearm.

Each Gemtech Lunar 9 ships with a single 1/2-28 TPI piston that enables it to be used on most 9 mm threaded barrels on the market. Additionally, the Lunar 9 is rated for use with subsonic 300 Blackout loads, enabling owners to maximize the silence of subsonic loads through their AR-style rifles as well as their 9 mm handguns.

In addition, the Gemtech Lunar 9 is compatible with all of the company’s Gm-9 and Multimount accessories, which expands the list of potential host firearms for the can. Each Lunar 9 is constructed from 7075 aluminum and features a 17-4 stainless-steel blast baffle designed to enhance durability. This construction allows the suppressor to be disassembled with ease for cleaning and maintenance, and the hard-anodized finish allows the unit to stand up to wear and harsh environmental conditions.

The suggested retail price on the Gemtech Lunar 9 suppressor, including the 1/2-28 TPI piston, is $616. For more information on the new suppressors and other offerings from the company, visit gemtech.com.

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