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First Look: Grey Man Tactical Locking Vehicle Package

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Lafayette, LA based Grey Man Tactical is now offering its new firearms locking transportation package for passenger vehicles, the Locking Vehicle Package. This turnkey solution includes a vertical rifle locking rack and a pistol safe that are mounted to a frame meant to be secured behind the passenger or driver seat of a vehicle. The package also includes other accessories needed to successfully secure firearms and the rack itself to the seat back.

The Locking Vehicle Package includes:

  • 25 x 25 inch RMPX Rack
  • RMP Cover
  • RMP Headrest Mounting Clamp
  • Master Lock 5/16 inch Python Adjustable Locking Cable
  • One G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion Mag Carrier for a pistol magazine
  • One G-Code Soft Shell Scorpion Mag Carrier for a rifle magazine
  • SC-6 Locking Rifle Mount
  • RMP Buttstock Cup Kit (black anodized, standard)
  • One SE20-BK Keypad sliding drawer safe

In today’s highly mobile society, there are any number of reasons to have guns and gear in a vehicle, especially those guns that the most useful for personal protection and the defense of property. However, should a side trip or emergency leave those firearms sitting in your vehicle, you run the risk of them being stolen and ending up in the black market. A vehicle itself is not a good alternative for a gun safe, so solutions like Grey Man Tactical’s Locking Vehicle Package are great options for those who lead a highly ambulatory life and travel with their firearms. The vehicle package is ideal for AR-15 pattern pistols, carbines or rifles with a telescoping stock. The SE20 BK sliding safe fits most modern duty sized double stack semi auto pistols as well. The Grey Man Tactical Vehicle Package retails for $1,500. For more information, please visit Grey Man Tactical’s website at greymantactical.com.



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