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First Look: Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK HRT 556 Suppressor

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Griffin Armament is introducing the next suppressor in the DUAL-LOK line-up, the DUAL-LOK HRT 556. The Griffin Armament’s HRT 556 model was initially designed for some of the most elite units in law enforcement, and is the shortest addition to the DUAL-LOK family of suppressors. The new DUAL-LOK active retention system used with this suppressor is often a required feature by government customers, and now Griffin is releasing it to the commercial market.

The HRT 556 features the patent pending DUAL-LOK mounting system to create an accurate, robust, reliable, and wear free system with robust muzzle device support.  The suppressor itself has minimal flash signature and, despite its size, minimal weight, minimal point-of-impact (POI) shift, minimal gas and blowback, as well as maximum strength, durability, and sound performance.

Baffle technology is carried over and tuned from Griffin’s 4th generation Recce Suppressors, borrowing the patented ECO-FLOW feature for increased performance. ECO-FLOW baffles reduce back-pressure, increasing flow, which reduces the impact of the suppressor on the operating system of the host firearm. This also results in less gas being exhausted into the operator’s face, and a patented low profile flash suppressing end cap further adds performance to the low flash baffle system.

DUAL-LOK HRT 556 Features :

  • Wear-free mounting system
  • Taper-lock interface ensuring security and accuracy
  • ACME thread providing speed of attachment
  • Locking ring incorporating 3 anti-rotation teeth to eliminate inadvertent loosening
  • 120 effective positions ensuring a rock-solid suppressor mount while providing extremely low POI shift
  • Constructed from 17-4 stainless steel and 718 Inconel
  • Traditional Tube Design with internal flash hiding characteristics
  • Patent pending ECO-FLOW baffle system for reduced blow back
  • Patented flash reducing end cap
  • Collar Nitrided for increased surface hardness, corrosion, and wear resistance
  • Heat treated and Cerakoted Black or FDE in a heat resistant finish
  • Warrantied for life with Griffin’s perpetual lifetime warranty

The DUAL-LOK HRT 556 suppressor is 9 inches long by 1.5 inches in diameter. MSRP for this suppressor is $995, and more information on this item and other products from Griffin Armament is available at griffinarmanent.com.



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