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First Look: Grovtec G-Stop Hand Stop

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Grovtec US Inc. is shipping a new M-Lok compatible reversible hand stop, the Grovtec G-Stop. This new accessory is meant to be used on contemporary AR-15 pattern carbines and similar firearms that are equipped with M-Lok compatible slots. The G-Stop is machined from an aluminum billet and has a small footprint, taking up about 2 inches of rail space and only protrudes approximately 1¼ inches vertically.

With a flat vertical edge and gentle curvature, the Grovtec G-Stop works both as a traditional hand stop or switch around for use as a barricade stop, depending on how a user installs it on their firearm’s handguard. The G-Stop’s flat edge is intended to marry up to another flat surface to help support a carbine for quick field-expedient stabilization of your gun, while the Type III Anodized hard coat finish means the G-Stop will still look good no matter how you use it..

Using the G-Stop as a handstop can be a good way to set up a physical “indicator” on a carbine’s handguard to prevent one’s hand from moving forward and closer to potentially painful situations such as a hot gas block. Hand stops are also beneficial for carbine shooters as they provide the recoil control of mag well foregrip in addition to the muzzle control afforded by a unit placed further towards the front, all without the additional obstruction or space penalty that comes from using a larger fore grip or angled grip.

The Grovtec G-Stop retails for $44, weighs a little less than one ounce and ships with the required hardware and Allen wrench for its installation. Like all other Grovtec products, the G-Stop is made in the United States of America, in Oregon. For more information on the Grovtec G-Stop or any other Grovtec firearms accessories or soft goods, please visit the company’s website at grovtec.com.


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