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First Look: High Speed Gear Vigil EDC Belt

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The same outfit that brought you the legendary “Taco” magazine pouch is now releasing the High Speed Gear Vigil EDC Belt, a new EDC belt for defensive handgun carry.

The Vigil is an everyday carry belt designed with a minimalistic philosophy. However, while being slim and low profile, it has the rigidity to still support both inside and outside the waistband or appendix carry holsters. Though being strong enough to support a modern EDC carry setup, the Vigil EDC is still flexible enough to allow you to go about your daily routine more comfortably and with barely any interference from the gear you rely on to keep you safe as you go about your day.

In line with that minimalist style and philosophy, the Vigil EDC belt is only 1 1/2 inches wide in order to easily fit inside the belt loops of your favorite pair of shorts or pants. A sleek magnetic and low profile buckle secures the belt to your waist. This buckle can also pass through standard belt loops—which means that putting it on or taking it off your waist is extremely easy. On top of that sleek buckle and minimal design, the Vigil EDC adjustment tail is concealed to maintain a clean streamlined uniform look.

This Cordura fabric and nylon stitched belt is resilient and is sized to fit a 28 inch waist all the way to a 52 inch waist. HSGI gives you the choice of seven different solid pattern or camouflage styles that suit your specific needs, other gear or individual style. The Vigil EDC belt costs anywhere from $59.00 to $64.00 depending on size and style. The belts include HSGI’s lifetime warranty and are fully American made. For more information on the Vigil EDC belt and other gear offered by High Speed Gear Inc. please visit their website at highspeedgear.com.


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