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First Look: JM4 Tactical Holsters for the Kimber K6 Revolver

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Texas-based JM4 Tactical has entered into a partnership with Kimber Manufacturing to build their unique carry holsters for the K6 revolver.

“Kimber is known for quality firearms, and JM4 Tactical is known for quality holsters,” said Chad Myers, President JM4 Tactical. “We are sure that Kimber owners will love our holsters.”

JM4 Tactical will make three models of holsters for the Kimber K6, each using the company’s magnetic retention system. With this system, KM4 Tactical eliminates other forms of active and passive retention and instead uses magnets to secure firearms in the company’s carry rigs.

The same magnet system works with a flap of leather to secure the holster to your pants without the need of a belt. This makes the holsters easier to use with shorts and other clothing where a belt is impractical.

One of the JM4 Tactical models is an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster that carries the Kimber K6 revolver relatively low compared to the belt line. Called the JM4 Tactical Original IWB Holster, it uses pH balanced steer hide that has been vegetable tanned and rated as Grade A leather from Hermann Oak Leather. This rig fits the 2-inch barrel versions of the Kimber K6. This holster has a suggested retail price of $89.95.

If you prefer a different carry feel, the JM4 Tactical High Ride IWB holster offers the same magnetic retention as the Original but with the butt of the gun higher up and more accessible for many people. Like the Original rig, it also uses vegetable tanned Hermann Oak Leather construction. However, JM4 Tactical offers the High Ride IWB in two versions: one for the 2-inch K6 and another for the Kimber K6 with a 3-inch barrel. Both versions of this holster carry a MSRP of $114.95.

For additional information on these holsters, please visit Kimber’s website at kimberamerica.com and JM4 Tactical’s website at jm4tactical.com.


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