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First Look: Kestrel Ballistics KST1000 Shot Timer

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Kestrel Ballistics is known for its well-made and durable shooting equipment for precision and long-range use. New for 2022, Kestrel introduces a shot timer built with the durability and versatility needed for competitive outdoor shooting, the KST1000. The KST1000 is a hand-held shot timer unit, which features two easy-to-use screens for use from the hip or hand.

Its housing is made from durable material and is MIL-STD-810G drop-test rated, on top of being sealed for dust and waterproofing. The KST1000 is Bluetooth compatible and is able to accept up to five nameable setting presets. Its overall size is small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, and it features rubberized activation buttons underneath its two screens that are easy to use.

As a shot timer, the KST1000 is equipped with an extra-loud buzzer to ensure that its signals are readily heard, and the unit is also compatible with dry-fire training and suppressed shooting as well. The Kestrel Ballistics KST1000 shot timer has a suggested retail price of $299. For more information on the new KST 1000 shot timer, as well as Kestrel Ballistics’ other products, visit kestrelballistics.com.


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