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First Look: Luth-AR MCA 22 Rimfire Chassis

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The MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis is a collaborative design effort by Luth-AR in conjunction with Roth Performance. The MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis works with your Ruger 10/22 barreled action to grant you a rifle with a both a lightweight (it only weighs 2.09 pounds) and fully adjustable stock that is affordable and ambidextrous. The MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis will also accept a barreled action with a bull barrel of up to 0.920 inches in diameter by removing the insert used to support standard size barrels in the foregrip channel. The MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis is also compatible with Ruger 10/22 clones and barrels or actions that are of a similar footprint.

The chassis is constructed of high strength glass-filled nylon, 6061 aluminum and steel. This removes any worry about wooden components swelling with changes in humidity and other environmental conditions. Its ambidextrous gooseneck style pistol grip has a palm swell and comes with assertive texturing. The cheek piece is click adjustable and in conjunction with the stock and is fully adjustable for different body types—from junior shooters to fully grown adults. The length of pull will vary from eleven and a quarter inches all the way to fifteen and three quarters inches in ¾ inch increments. Furthermore, the chassis’ stock has two different spots that can accept Grovtec threaded quick detach cup inserts, adding to its modularity. The foregrip on the MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis has 5 M-Lok slots making it easy to affix M-Lok-compatible inserts to accessorize with a bipod or other gear. There are two additional M-Lok slots on either side of the foregrip at either the three o’clock or nine o’clock positions.

The MCA-22 Rimfire Chassis is made in the United States and it retails for $189.95. For more information on the MCA 22 Rimfire Chassis and other products and accessories sold by Luth-AR, please visit their website at luth-ar.com.



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