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First Look: Luth AR Mini Mono Rail

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Luth-AR has just released the new Mini Mono Rail compatible with the Luth-AR MB1 and MB2 AR-15 pattern buttstocks. The business end of the new Luth AR Mono Rail is a strip of M1913 Picatinny rail section that allows shooters to more easily mount mono pods and other accessories to the bottom portion of their MB2 or MB2 AR buttstocks.

In addition to the M1913 Picatinny rail strip, the Mini Mono Rail uses two robust Allen key bolts and nylon threaded hex nuts to directly fasten this accessory to the compatible buttstocks.

“With the introduction of the Mini Mono Rail, we empower our customers to take customization to the next level,” said Randy Luth, CEO of Luth-AR. “This MMR seamlessly integrates with our MBA-1 and MBA-2 Rifle Buttstocks, providing a solid mounting platform for a variety of accessories, further enhancing the shooting experience.”

Compatible with the MBA-1 and MBA-2 Rifle Buttstocks, the Luth-AR Mini Mono Rail delivers first-rate compatibility and ease of installation. Shooters can easily attach and detach their desired accessories, tailoring their firearms to meet specific requirements and preferences.

When it comes to making precision shots, the stability of the rifle is key. Fully supporting both the front and the rear ends of the rifle are equally important to rule out shakiness on the shooter’s part. While bipods are popular to use on the forward part of the rifle, when it comes to rear stability, many people prefer either monopods or rear bags. The Luth-AR Mini Mono Rail facilitates that choice, allowing the addition of a monopod or other relevant accessory to the Luth-AR MB1 or MB2 buttstocks.

The new Mini Mono Rail has an MSRP of $39.95. For more information about this new accessory or to learn more about other parts and accessories offered by Luth-AR, please visit luth-ar.com.


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