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First Look: Luth-AR Widebody Trigger Guard with Trigger Slot

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Luth-AR makes some of the most innovative and useful AR accessories you can buy. The company’s MBA-1 stock is a popular option for owners of AR-pattern rifles who need a stock that can be adjusted to their specific needs, such as precision rifle competitors and long-range hunters. The company also makes the products such as barrels and complete upper receivers as well as a variety of lower receiver parts such as triggers, grips and buffer tubes.

The latest innovation is the Widebody Trigger Guard with Trigger Slot. This replacement for a standard AR trigger guard has a raised platform is another Luth-AR idea that is designed to enhance the performance of your AR. The raised platform is created to automatically position your trigger finger properly on the trigger, helping you achieve a consistent and accurate trigger pull. This version of the Luth-AR Widebody Trigger Guard is also designed to accommodate extended triggers by providing a slot in which the trigger rides. This allows longer triggers to take advantage of the benefits of a trigger guard that pre-positions your finger on the trigger with no reduction in reliability.

In addition to this, the Widebody Trigger Guard with Trigger Slot is also 40 percent wider than your stock AR trigger guard adding rigidity, strength and good looks. This new trigger guard is ideal for use in competition or anywhere where high-speed manipulation counts, such as hunting, law enforcement and military use.

Widebody Trigger Guard Features:

  • 40 percent wider than stock trigger guard
  • Adds rigidity and strength
  • Slot accommodates extended triggers
  • Slot width: .325 inches
  • Includes 2 threaded screws for simple and quick installation
  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Black hardcoat anodized, matte finish
  • Width: .625 inches

MSRP for the Widebody Trigger Guard is $18.95, and for more information on other products from Luth-AR, please visit luth-ar.com.



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